Do My Big Breasts Offend You?

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After being bumped by excited Christmas shoppers and tripping over several shopping bags and strollers I decided to seek shelter, a safer place to just enjoy my hour’s lunch. I found the perfect resting place.  Snugly seated at the far end of the food court I exhaled deeply and sunk into the cushioned chair. That’s when I spied him. A middle aged gentleman with such disfavor upon his face I couldn’t help but stare at him while he stared in such contempt at either someone or something. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to get to the bottom of  it.  As I sat closer to this man and followed his stare I came across a young mother trying to nurse.  She was absolutely adorable but struggling with holding the baby, unlatching her nursing bra, and positioning her nursing bib. I giggled while reminiscing about my own struggle with nursing in public in the beginning. She’ll get the hang of it soon. I looked around to see what else this man could be staring at  clearly it couldn’t be this nursing mother. Holy cow! (no pun intended) it was.

So, this is dedicated to that vex gentlemen at the mall.

Dear Mr. Vex,

Do my big breasts offend you? Well, let me explain how this all came about:

It all began with tender breast. So, shockingly, I took the test. Two seconds later… two stripes… mean “Yes.” I’m uncertain if I can even express to you, Mr. Vex, what it feels like to know milk will form in your breast. The thrill and shrill you feel each morning you rise, contemplating asking God, “Can we compromise?”  Certainly, there has got to be another way. Am I really suppose to throw up three times a day? Four months later I feel in the clear only to notice my shape disappear. My body is no longer mine.  At least, that’s how I feel, but the deal has been sealed, soon a baby will appear. I’m elated and terrified I feel unequipped, this job comes with no pamphlet, yet I can’t quit. My belly now rumbles, with kicks, tricks and flips done inside.  Oh, Mr. Vex, you can’t imagine the joy that’s being supplied.

The pain has kicked in so I know the time has arrived to see my new bundle…finally look into their eyes. I sweat, I moan with pain you could never survive. I become someone new in those hours a fighter, a warrior, a mother! My world has changed forever. I am no longer the timid girl who would have feared your dirty stares. I am no longer the shy girl who would have apologized for offending you. So, although I ask, “Do My Big Breasts Offend You?” the truth is, I do not care! Wipe that smug look off your face. My child was hungry. Do you not eat as soon as you are hungry? I’ll have you know that my big breast are filled with sweet nourishment. Perhaps if you ever had a taste that frown would turn upside down.

Motherhood didn’t come with a pamphlet, but it came with one hell of a food supply and tons of warrior love! Your looks do not faze me!


xoxo Journey Ward xoxo

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