I Am Not Bi-Polar or Schizophrenic… Just Ask Peggy Lee

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“Mom, do you know how you get when you’re upset? I mean really do you understand how you get? You like turn into this monster and flip, then two minutes later you’re back to being all sweet, calm and nice. It’s freaky.”  This was told to me by my 15- year- old son. My silent reply: Could it be that I’ve told you 5 times to pick  your socks up from off the floor. Could it be that all 5 times you replied “okay.”  So by the 6th time that I walk into the living room and see the same socks on the floor, I instantly begin to raise my voice to such a high screech (aka the monster that you’ve described) that I’m really not sure if you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth, but I do know that dolphins in the pacific can hear me.  They screech back, “calm down”, you see, their communication isn’t all about mating. Sometimes it’s to simply  calm me down. Once their frequencies vibrate throughout my body, I exhale (it sounds more like a low grunt mixed with a few curse words possibly, but really it’s me allowing the positive vibration from the dolphins to kick in).  I then instantly calm down, you pick up your socks and we’re back to normal.

How about this one: “You’re just so fiery. Your temperament really needs to be handled. I mean, get on something…meds, whatever you need to take, because you literally go from one to ten within seconds. There is no in-between with you.”   This one came from my love.  My silent reply: Perhaps if I didn’t already express what I needed or wanted multiple times, (which, by the way, at this point is to feel heard) .  You wouldn’t feel as if I went from one to ten within seconds. You would have heard me the first time and remembered my request. So instead of telling me I need  “meds“, let’s try putting you on ginkgo biloba to help increase your memory. This way we’re all happy.

My point is, I’m not bi-polar or schizophrenic. I happen to be from the voice of Peggy Lee, a W O M A N.  A woman who has bared children, which means I’m doing more than the average multitasker.

You may not have noticed some of the hats I wear, they change so swiftly at times it’s hard for me to even keep up. But let me introduce you to a few of them. Let’s make a note that most of them I did NOT sign up for, they just happen to come with the territory of being a W O M A N.  I’m a self- made, bona fide chef  and nutritionist. I’m a doctor and nurse rolled into one. I’m a child therapist. I’m a sex therapist, I have to counsel myself some nights to really go the extra mile and satisfy you on days and nights where I just don’t feel like it! I’m a chauffeur. I’m an accountant. I’m a hair stylist, the toddler’s hair has to be maintained. I’m a referee, the kids are constantly at each others throats. I’m a housekeeper (definitely didn’t sign up for this one). I’m a veterinarian and humanitarian (we’ve adopted two cats that would have been euthanized otherwise). I’m a philanthropist (my oldest is in private school and I’ve joined the parent association). I’m an educator… and at this point I’m sure you can imagine how the list  continues on.

So, when I hear things like this:   “She’s freaking bi-polar.  Aw, man, she went maniac on me”, or “she’s just maniac.” How about: “Ever since she had that baby, she’s not the same. So much has changed since the baby got here.” Or one of my favorites: “She’s totally consumed with that baby, it’s like her whole world.” Do any of these sound familiar to you? and by the way, I know I’m missing many more. But where on the same page, right?

So when I hear things like the above it makes me want to take this time to clear up those charges we’ve, excuse me, I’ve, been accused of.


No, I’m not bi-polar or even schizophrenic.  It just so happens that due to all of the changes my body has undergone, (changes like, hosting a living being “ALIVE”  in my body for 10 months, having no choice on how my hormones fluctuate, or being unaware of the levels of progesterone in my body), yes I may be a bit sensitive. Wouldn’t you be?

No, I’m not maniac.  I just discovered the many hats that came along with this job.  I’m sure you weren’t aware of them all. Heck, I wasn’t fully aware of them either until I was already in the seat. What a surprise!

Yes, I am consumed with this little child that has entered our lives. I’ve developed a relationship with him/her for 10 whole months. I’m amazed to see her/his face! Everything he/she does is a first and it’s so exciting, I don’t want to miss a thing.

You are right about me not being the same, I’m not. This experience has completely changed my world for the better. I’m so much more aware of life and how precious life is. I’m also scared to death at times of being responsible for someone else. The responsibility at times is overwhelming!

I’m far from perfect and a bit sensitive at times but what I do, is done with love and to strengthen my family which in return strengthens the world we live in.  Just let me reiterate  so we can all be clear. I am not bi-polar or schizophrenic. What I am, is a W O M A N!!!

Take it away Peggy Lee…

xoxo Journey xoxo


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12 Responses to “I Am Not Bi-Polar or Schizophrenic… Just Ask Peggy Lee”

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Girl! The endless journey to define a woman or solve all of her mysteries is the single biggest waste of time in relationships of all kinds. Regardless of anyone’s diagnosis of you, the fun begins when they figure out how to handle all of your complexities.

Good job Crystal!

Brilliant! This helps me understand my baby-mama too lol

Hey Girl,

Love the blog. My favorite part of this post was “let’s try putting you on ginkgo biloba to help increase your memory!” LMAO!

This hit home in so many ways! Its good to know I’m not the only ‘maniac’.

That’s right Crystal! Tell them for us! Yet another great blog!

You got it Crystal! We wear so many hats that it becomes second nature and we put others before ourselves as well. Loving the blog, keep your emotions flowing free and spread your thoughts. It’s therapy for many, you are hilarious I hear your voice and see your facial expressions as I read them which make reading this all more enjoyable. Stay blessed my friend!

Crystal – you are a beautiful – W O M A N!! Your writing is done with so much flavor and humor – love reading them keep them coming Titi Willy

Great stuff! I really appreciated how it may seem to our loves that we go from one to ten in minutes when really with them just like the kids we’ve been saying the same thing telling them exactly what we need over & over they just fail to listen or remember until we actually get to 10 lol!!! Great stuff Crystal! I totally totally hear you!

great post Crystal. I loved the ginkgo biloba piece….that was too funny and oh so true. Females where so many hats when you really sit down and think about it, it is truly amazing what we can handle and still remain so strong. Great article Crystal and keep it coming.

so spot on. and you’ve always got to consider the source, any opinions from children are always to be taken with a grain of salt! i remember that i thought my mom was so dumb until i left home and then she magically got smart…. we treat those we love so horribly when we can’t understand how much they sacrifice for us. thank god i still have my parents to thank them for all they’ve done!

OMG you are so right on point. I love this I currently only have three year old but I can only imagine the issues I am going to have once he gets older. Just stopping by from the Mom Bloggers Club. I will email you with more information on the guest writing spot.

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