Who’s Really In Control?

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Who’s really in control? I kept asking myself this question after watching a documentary titled “Consuming Kids.” Well,  let me back up a bit…the trilogy of The Matrix is what really stood out to me after watching this piece on YouTube.   Dare I engage you further on how my brain really works? Why not…it’s the main reason I started this blog.

Consuming Kids is a documentary pieced together in seven segments.  You may find it  on YouTube. The director takes us on an unpleasant yet real peek into the world of advertisement specifically geared towards our children. This piece sent me on a roller coaster ride filled with emotions ranging from shock, fury, concern and disappointment. Yet, I felt informed and driven to take a stance.  So how does this documentary relate to The Matrix?  This is where I share my brains interpretation of it all:

The meaning of The Matrix as told by MorpheusThe matrix is everywhere, it is all around us. You can see it when you look out your window, or turn on your television. It is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Now, here is the meaning of advertisement as told by the Merriam Webster dictionary -(2c) To advertise is to call public attention to especially by emphasizing desirable qualities, so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronize.

Are you following me? Okay,  good! Let’s continue:

Morpheus stands for every mother, father, grandparent, and/or guardian to a child. Our children, be it a girl or a boy, are who Neo represents. These curious little beings are faced with taking the red pill or the blue pill each and every day. They, too, sometimes fall down the rabbit hole as Alice from Alice in Wonderland did (another thought mentioned by Morpheus in the movie). There is so much for our little Neo’s  to learn & discover. They have to fall and brush themselves off while figuring out who they are and where they stand in this world, while we, the Morpheus’s of the world, behold the challenging task  of educating and sternly guiding them with love… all the while knowing that they are being manipulated.  Our children are caught in The Matrix and still we must  step away from them and simply watch them figure life out.

The matrix, aka advertisers, put our children through extensive research in order to reach, control and steer their minds towards being their consumers for life. Did you know advertisers use a method called “The Nag Factor?” The Nag Factor increases their chances of selling. A team of market researchers actually sit around and discuss in-depth various tactics on how to get kids to nag us (parents). I kid you not! Nagging increases their chances of having our children become consumers. The researchers know that eventually we will give in and say, “yes.” Boom! Product sold!  So I ask you again, who’s really in control,  because The Matrix has been around for years.

Do you remember the Oracle? She was the sweet older woman (grandmother type) who loved baking cookies. For many viewers (myself included) she represented hope and faith for Neo. Remember?  The Oracle gave us a calming feeling. She was wise and gentle, she seemed compassionate. The words she spoke to Neo really mattered to me. She could predict the future and her wisdom reminded us of our grandmothers.  However, later in the trilogy we all came to the realization that we had been tricked, fooled. Our wise trusting grandmother figure,the Oracle, turned out to be another program within The Matrix. Hmm… could the Oracle represent the government? Just asking.  In the 1970’s the Morpheus’s of the world  banded together to protest advertisements directly targeted towards our little Neo’s. Ten years later, during the Regan administration, our fight was preceded by a now stronger gathering (multiple advertisement companies) of The Matrix.

So for the third time, similar to the trilogy, I ask you, who’s really in control?

I believe we can re-gain some control back by turning off our televisions a little more during the day and on weekends: going the extra mile (there’s that phrase again) and engaging our children in face time. We don’t always have to cave in either when the nagging starts (I’m guilty of this too). The word NO actually made me  a stronger person. I fight for what I believe in and for what I want much harder as an adult because of that word. I’m sure there are loads of ways we can overcome The Matrix together. The very first is desensitizing ourselves from The Matrix (we are also caught).  Secondly, let’s be informed. Lets educate ourselves so we can educate our youth. So please view “Consuming Kids” on YouTube. Watch it in its entirety and see how you honestly feel. I’d love for you to share your thoughts with me. Then begin (as I have) to make subtle changes within your own home. We  have control of what goes on there.

Thank you for listening Morpheus(s) of the world.  I salute you. We don’t need the red or blue pill to show us the light and remove the wool from  our eyes. This is where faith and unity step in.

Take the journey!

xoxo Journey  xoxo


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6 Responses to “Who’s Really In Control?”

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Very well said I agree with you 100%

So true….We need to keep an eye on what are kids are watching and guard their hearts & ears to what they hear and watch. Don’t be fooled by the cartoons or the kids programs on television too…

Just like you this movie got me so fired up.
The thing that get me so angry is that this sort of thing is acceptable. Like you i too try my best to spoil my kids because of the “NO YOU CAN NOT HAVE THAT!” from our parents that we grew up with that made us stronger we try and believe in some way by given to our children wants that would make them better or better off. My only problem is i have such a limited time with my kids being divorced and all that some time i have no choice but to spoil them.What are we going to do we are all in this together. P.S. i would like to hear your thoughts on the men that try to do whats best for there kids but because the way the system is set up to always favor the women in a divorce in my opinion, why do good men finish last

Micah and I took our TV out of the house about 8 months ago and it was the best thing we could have ever done. The temptation to watch is just not there to have! I dont miss it at all!

I definitely hear you on limiting TV, keeping a hold on our children’s fertile minds. But let’s keep in mind a point, I think you made, ‘The Matrix’ ie. Society has been running this way for a long time. Our kids are not the only ones being conditioned. We are too and have been since childhood. It’s what might cause one of us to pay $8.54 vs. $4.84 to get Bennadryl vs. Wal-dryl; even knowing they both have 12.5mg of the same antihistamine. A step further… Skippy? Or Jif? Peret Pan!? Definitely not just Ralph’s Brand. 🙂

Interesting…. Reminds me of another hbo special I saw when I was a younger about the same. Kids are literally surrounded by this vey true but to be honest sometimes I think we as parents are affected by these advertisements even b4 the kids are of age to start the “nag” factor. Especially my husband, but both of us have definitely been guilty of even something as small as going to the grocery store & buying spider man gummies for my little one versus the publix brand… He hadn’t voiced an opinion yet, & they are both gummies… So why pay a dollar more will he even notice… Lol but we did..or even currently we are looking for a train track set for my 2 yr old who while we were at the toy store was perfectly happy with the less expensive brand we saw,but my husband insisted he needs the high priced “Thomas the train” one…does it really matter they both do the same thing, & he liked the cheaper one.. but the “Thomas the train” one somehow did seem nicer probably simply becuz it was Thomas
so the point of my story is sometimes aside from the advertisements, i think we have to check ourselves too because sometimes we as parents
the ones who are supposed to protect their little minds we feed it right to
them possibly because we are already so affected.

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